Kevin Greene Photography


A short piece about me & What’s got me to where I am

I’ve been fascinated by the art of ‘still image creation  ‘ since I was a young lad of 10! My dad always took photographs of me, my brithers & mum; he did appear in some photos…when self timer was possible!! I got use to Kodak 110 cartridge film, kodachrome and funny square flash cubes that gave 4 flash bursts! 

As I got to my teens and able to venture off to find my own gems to capture using film I bought a 110 cartridge before moving to SLR cameras to treat myself with a Zenith EM camera…heavy yet the lens was brilliant!

I progressed to Olympus OM series systems then finally rested with Canon EOS…100,5 and currently canon 5D Series & L series lenses.

As I married and had my first child I did ‘what was safe and got ‘A proper job’!! I qualified in social work and this became my main profession for far too many years! 

I did do commissions for business & social clients alongside social work. Through a stream of life challenges, loosing an infant son I decided to step away from social work to do what I love…photography! 

I have been a freelance photographer for over 10 years & photography business owner. I am accredited with The Societies of Photographers holding Licentiateship for Portrait & Wedding Photography & freelance for my local press.

What drives me is being in the moment, trusting my creative eye,anticipating ‘what next’ to create images I am proud to share and be a part of others stories in my photography of them; their engagement, marriage, anniversary,their children, commissions for business & Event planners.

I am regarded by my clients as different to many press & commercial photographers; placing importance on getting the ‘right photographs’ and going the extra mile to acheive this.  I am very personable creating bespoke image portfiolios at a mutually agreeable rate. Stock images or photos taken with a mobile phone or ‘in house camera (with pop up flash) are less than ideal!!

My photographic style is relaxed, creative & informal and my business approach is flexible; showing a clear interest in my clients to get the best from their commission brief or Event. 

I love the outdoors, walking, cycling and occasional swimming!  I absolutely love the SKY ART SERIES ‘MASTER OF PHOTOGRAPHY and love landscape photography, when I make time…just for me! If you know a landscape photographer..Charlie Waite you’ll  know and appreciate the beauty screemong to be captured in a still image.

It’s a tough juggle but I try to make time to pamper myself, or my wife, at the local health club & ESPA! I’m blessed to be married to a most inspiring woman, a family man with and a grandfather too! 

If you’ve read this blog & things ring bells for you, your story of being a photographer or your wish & passion to do more with your camera…reply to my blog post…be great to hear of your experiences too!

Enjoy life, be creative in whatever you do & relish those moments you make ‘just for you’ and with those you love. Kevin 🌈🌞