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“Legitimate interests” might this cover ourselves as photographers? This is really helpful!!What GDPR means for Photographers – The Lowdown!

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Best lens for landscape photography

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Landscape photography can be one of the few chances we have to appreciate amazing vista within a short drive from home! As a Hull lad my drive can be anything from 1 to 3 hours to get into the North Yorkshire Moors & Sales or to the east coast for Robin Hoods Bay & northwards.  […]

Resize your mobile phone pics…in a jiffy!

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Resizing photos,taken on my galaxy S9+, is a regular job, especially when photos are saved as large files, sometimes with RAW file too! Here’s a link to a set of great apps that help you resize and do other stuff in a jiffy! My favourite is Batch resize using ‘photo & picture resizer’ listed in […]

The love shared…

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Love photography & want to develop your creativity

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There’s always room to grow & discover something new about your photography. Often the question is,”where do I start”? The Societies of Photographers is a nationally recognised professional body, with an expanding global audience! I chose to join way back when a digital SLR was a camera out of reach to most. Using my trusted […]

Photography of landscapes…take what you see or take what you feel?

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Photography of landscapes is a moment thats always around us; city scapes, sea scapes, out for a drive,walk or cycle. Often we see something and take a photo because it looks good; right time, right light. Do we ever wonder about our emotional connection that shapes the photograph we create. Is the moment we press […]

Is our summer fading!

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Today’s been the wettest day after many weeks of fantastic sun, chill times in our garden and lots of water fun too! Flowers 💞💞rain & show their very beauty. Let me see what summer sun & rain has changed your garden! 

Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!