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The value of volunteering

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Ever wondered about giving a few hours of your time to volunteer & see the benifits of your contribution? It’s often said that ‘doing something’ is valuable to our global help. Im a strong believer of this having had periods of emotional ill health following the infant death of my son. Over the past few […]


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Take a look at My Favourite Bench (@MyFaveBench):

Sport is more than ‘just the game’

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Hull’s Urban Legends…

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Check out @AbsCultured’s Tweet:

Let natural light be your teacher.

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In a digital world of photography the ‘look’ of  the photograph can be lost using high high ISO. The image is created at the expense of creating mood, texture & context. Inspirational wordsspoken by former chief photographer to Rolling Stone…Annie Leibovitz

Be moved, inspired & head out to create your story in images!

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Maximise your resources, share, enthuse and grow in business

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What UNIQUE qualities make a decent photographer beyond knowing how to use a camera?

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Photography is a basket of skills… from knowing your way around your camera to techniques,filters & post editing. I’d appreciate knowing what YOU bring to the camera & to seize moments that tell stories. Check out @KIDScharity’s Tweet:

“Legitimate interests” might this cover ourselves as photographers? This is really helpful!!What GDPR means for Photographers – The Lowdown!

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Best lens for landscape photography

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Landscape photography can be one of the few chances we have to appreciate amazing vista within a short drive from home! As a Hull lad my drive can be anything from 1 to 3 hours to get into the North Yorkshire Moors & Sales or to the east coast for Robin Hoods Bay & northwards.  […]